Call for Art: The Tzedek Box Project

It is written: “Tzedek, tzedek, justice, justice you shall pursue.”

The Tzedek Box Project ( was created by HUC rabbinical student Andrew Kaplan Mandel.

He explains, “Every time we complete a meaningful act of justice or righteousness, we write a short diary entry about our experience that we then insert into our Tzedek Box. This ritual regularly prompts us to reflect on what we have learned — and what we still need to do — as we seek to build a more just world. Once a year on Yom HaTzedek (held on Pesach Sheini, a month after Passover), we open the box and review its contents as a form of sacred accountability.”

A new exhibition at the Dr. Bernard Heller Museum , NYC, will display the work of artists who have created their own versions of a Tzedek Box, a ritual object encouraging us to answer the Jewish call for justice and reflect on acts of righteousness.


The museum invites you to submit your Tzedek Box, or plans for it, by February 15, 2022.

Submit your ideas by emailing Nancy Mantell with the following items:

Email address
Mailing address

Phone number
Title of work
Date of execution
Subject matter of work
Size of work Image, if available, or sketch of the project

All work should be signed and dated. 

If your work is selected, you will receive an informational agreement to be used in the preparation of labels for your work and the exhibition catalog. Please fill it out and return it.

Nancy Mantell
Co-Curator, Dr. Bernard Heller Museum

Tobi Kahn’s Tzedek Box “ZAHRYZ”

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  1. Judy Brown Avatar
    Judy Brown

    Looking forward to creating for this ‘Call for Entry’.