Call for Artist Residency NYC

ArtKibbutz_ResidencyOngoing deadline, Summer 2015.

Art Kibbutz Summer Residency

Governor’s Island, New York City

May 26 – September 10, 2015

Applications NOW OPEN

Art Kibbutz Summer Residency will take place in a former army officer’s mansion embedded in the Governors Island’s picturesque landscapes, waterfront views, and unique historic architecture. With studios for visual artists, writers, composers, rehearsal spaces for performing artists and a presentation space, the building is a welcome place for artists and the public alike.

From May 26 to September 10, Art Kibbutz’s Summer Residency will offer a shared, multidisciplinary space where artists can experience a retreat-style residency just a short ferry ride from the frenetic buzz of New York City. While on Governor’s Island, artists can create new works and develop their practice, drawing inspiration from the unique location, as well as the community of fellow artists-in-residence. Art Kibbutz and artists-in-residence welcomes visitors on Sundays to enjoy the Governor’s Island Open Studios events, lectures, artist talks, meet the artists and learn about their work.

During the annual River To River festival, Governor’s Island Art Fair and Figment Festival, Art Kibbutz will activate other sites on Governors Island, and will welcome visitors to enjoy live performance and visual art installations in this stunning parkland setting.


Access online application here.

Art Kibbutz is an international Jewish artist residency, global artist community and hub. Its mission is to foster global arts conversation and exchange among artists of exceptional talent in an inspiring and peaceful space to work and learn. It also seeks provide artists with an opportunity to explore the rich heritage of Jewish experience that informs their creative process. We provide a platform for over 500 international artists of all disciplines to explore important conversations about economic, environmental, and social conditions in a 21st century Jewish context. Art Kibbutz is a volunteer-run organization with a 501c3 status. Art Kibbutz Summer Residency on Governor’s Island marks a significant step that Art Kibbutz undertakes towards the creation of an international Jewish artist colony at a permanent location in New York. Art Kibbutz has been invited as the only Jewish art organization to Governor’s Island, one of NYC’s hottest art spots.

What Art Kibbutz Summer Residency can provide to artists in residence:

1. Jewish Community Building and Networking Space:
Art Kibbutz’s summer location is as a hub where ideas are explored and interaction occurs. Participants are invited to weekly meetings with a variety of Jewish teachers, organizational leaders, NYC cultural producers for individual critiques and presentations. Participants can also enjoy Shabbat experiences, potluck dinners and personalized learning opportunities. Activities are designed to generate meaningful Jewish connections, and artistic dialogue.

2. Supportive work environment: Art Kibbutz provides artists with a collaborative environment, time, and studio space to create art that others in the Jewish community (and beyond) will be able to view and learn from. A unique aspect of this residency is the opportunity to grow both a network of peers, curators, presenters, editors, and other Jewish arts professionals working in and around New York City and to share work with new audiences.

3. Exposure:
 Art Kibbutz artists in residence are offered various presentation possibilities.  The general public is invited to attend Open Studios to visit your studio and learn more about your process and work. Open Studio events are promoted as part of Art Kibbutz’s calendar of public engagement events. Our location on Governor’s Island, a NYC summer hotspot, offers exposure to 7,000 visitors who visit the island each weekend. Several outstanding summer programs take place on Governor’s Island including Figment Festival, River to River Festival, and Governor’s Island Art Fair. Neighbors include outstanding cultural organizations such as the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Resident artists are announced annually and listed on Art Kibbutz’s website as well as featured on other digital communication channels.

4. Community Service: This summer Art Kibbutz offers the opportunity for residents to revisit their relationship to money and the land in the context of Jewish art. During Session I artists will partner with Hazon, the Jewish organization dedicated to sustainability, to provide an opportunity to reinterpret the Biblically mandated “Shmita-Year” tradition, of an agricultural sabbatical, an opportunity for rest and release for the Jewish community, when agriculture and commerce were simultaneously re-adjusted to enable a more equitable, just and healthy society, economy and environment. Artists who wish to work on other topics are welcome to apply – there is no set theme during Session II.


May 26 – June 8, June 9 – June 23, June 24  – July 6, July 7  – July 20


July 20 – August 6, August 7 – August 23, August 24 – September 10


The program seeks applications from dedicated artists who create artwork of any medium of exceptional quality, and whose work and career are at a level to benefit from an international exchange with peers. Art Kibbutz is looking for artists who wish to explore the most important conversations about economic, environmental, and social conditions in a 21st century Jewish context. This program will provide time and space for at least two weeks of residency (and up to 1 month of residency).

  Summer Studio Residency on Governor’s Island 

  May – September min 2 week sessions

  Jewish learning and community engagement opportunities

  Two Sessions. Session I: Shmita: Opportunity to reinterpret your, society’s and the environment’s relationship to money and the land in the context of Jewish art. Session II: No set theme

  Inclusion in the Art Kibbutz Open Studios on Sundays

  Presentation of work on Governor’s Island


May 1, 2015 for Session I

On a rolling basis for June-September, 2015.


Each resident will have a private or shared studio space based on need and first come first serve basis. There will be larger presentation and meeting spaces available for everyone. Individual studio spaces are approximately 150–300 square feet, equipped with a desk, chair, and basic overhead lighting, access to kitchen.

Please note:

– There are NO medium- or technique-specific facilities like a woodshop or media lab

– Artists must provide their own tools; some restrictions apply

– Artist provide their own ACs

Art Kibbutz Summer Residency operates in a unique, temporarily vacant, minimally adapted space, which has been generously donated to Art Kibbutz. It’s philosophy is to provide low-key but affordable space to artists that is run by a team of volunteer peer artists. Governor’s Island is only accessible by ferry that runs from Manhattan and Brooklyn, at regular business hours (free for residents). Studios are not open to the public, with the exception of planned Open Studio events on Sundays.


Art Kibbutz does not provide living arrangement for this program. Art Kibbutz volunteers will do their best to work with visiting artists to find Jewish host families, room rentals or affordable hotel rooms but all participants are responsible for securing their own housing a reasonable distance from the studios for the duration of their participation in the program.


Applications are reviewed on a rolling-basis. If accepted, you will sign the residency contract; pay a $100 security deposit and the residency fee of $400 for 2 weeks or $660 for a month. Art Kibbutz offers a limited number of work exchange scholarships, but the philosophy is that everyone has to contribute to the community according to their needs.


Applicants are reviewed by Evaluation Committee comprised of arts and literary professionals and artists, including:

Susan Tumarkin Goodman (Curator New York Jewish Museum), Susan Chevlowe (Curator Derfner Judaica Art Museum), Isaac Zablocki (Director of Film Programs at the JCC in Manhattan), Cynthia Beth Rubin digital media artist (Professor RISD, Chair of ACM-SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community), Paul Solomon photographer (Western Michigan University), Asherah Cinnamon artist, Elisa Pritzker artist (chair), Leah Caroline artist (chair), Tamas Revesz photographer (Ecovision, WordPress), Noaj Sauer (artist), Patricia Eszter Margit.

The application process includes a number of questions, which are intended to prompt you to think about and describe the kinds of work that you might undertake at Art Kibbutz. Please answer these questions thoughtfully. You have the option of saving a draft version of the application prior to submission. The application also requires work samples, which are an equally important aspect of the review. 


Sign up to the mailing list here to learn about upcoming info sessions in April where you learn more about the residency, the application process and ask questions.

MORE INFORMATION: * 347.479.8274 * Art Kibbutz website