Call for Curator

Desiree Nazarian, Director of Holocaust Education and Outreach at Selfhelp Community Services, is looking for someone to curate an exhibition. She is producing an art exhibition in New York City.

This is a third party project, not a Jewish Art Salon exhibit.

The goal of this project is to collect artwork from Holocaust survivors living in New York, and curate an art exhibition/event where survivors have the opportunity to tell their experiences from before, during and after the war, specifically through their chosen artwork. This project will convey the importance of crossing boundaries and developing empathy for those who may be coming from very different backgrounds, generations, and experiences.

There will be a small stipend for the curator.

Several NYC venues are currently under consideration for the exhibition in the Spring of 2020.

As background, founded in 1936 by refugees from Western Europe, Selfhelp is today the largest provider of comprehensive services to Holocaust survivors in North America. Selfhelp assists Holocaust survivors during their last years and through our department of Holocaust education, provides Holocaust survivors with opportunities to share their histories with the community and younger generations for educational and awareness purposes. 

If interested, please contact her directly for any questions and more info:

Desiree Nazarian, LMSW
Director, Education and Outreach
Holocaust Survivor Program
Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. 
520 8th Avenue, New York, NY
212 971-7792 (office) 

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    Thanks Yona for sending it to me. Best, Dorit


    1. jewishartsalon Avatar

      You would be perfect for this.