Call for Proposals Conney Conference on Jewish Art

50 Years After Harold Rosenberg: Is there a Jewish Art (Yet?) The 2017 Conney Conference on Jewish Arts will focus on the legacy of Harold Rosenberg’s great rhetorical gesture and its continued resonance across the arts.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Dance Scholar and choreographer Judith Brin Ingber and Visual artist/author Ben SchachterJewish Art Salon member and Advisor.

The conference takes place at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 19–21 , 2017.

Submit papers and proposals by December 1, 2016.

Via the website at:

Topics: scholarship and performance that reflects the theme of this year’s conference and welcome proposals in the following areas:

• Papers that reflect scholarly research • Panels that engage a number of scholars focused on the same area of research
Performative presentations that merge theory and practice • Panels, talks and presentations by artists and performers that examine their artistic practice in relation to our theme

For further information, please contact Douglas Rosenberg: