Call for Submissions for High Holiday Zine

Deadline September 1

YamimNoraimA zine about the Jewish High Holidays, published this fall by Tamar Nachmany, writer and artist, is looking for submissions.

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Submit drawings, paintings, photos, poetry, fiction, essays, propaganda, cartoons, beautiful Jewish texts, messed up Jewish texts, challenging Jewish texts with scribbles in the margins, or anything else to be published in a zine focused on and to be published during the Jewish high holy holidays this fall.

You can submit anything that comments on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, or the themes of the Yamim Noraim.

You can also answer one of these prompts:
What is your favorite prayer from the Yamim Noraim?
What is your least favorite?
What is your favorite image from the Yamim Noraim service?
What is your least favorite?
How do you feel about repentance?
Do you like fasting?
What do you have to apologize for?
What do we have to apologize for?
If Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur were lovers, what would their relationship be like?
What do you want other Jews to spend this year thinking about?

2 responses to “Call for Submissions for High Holiday Zine”

  1. Joan Myerson Shrager Avatar

    I want my fellow Jews to remember our own immigrant history and to reject the philosophy of exclusion and of forcing people to carry identification. It’s reminiscent of the yellow arm bands and we must never forget. I’m an artist and co-director of an all volunteer art program for Philadelphia public high school students now in our 11th year, The Stained Glass Project:Windows That Open Doors.

  2. Kerin Adams Avatar

    I am an artist and a writer. If RS and YK were lovers, what would there relationship be like? My answer would be, Give and Take, a relationship where both would take stock of themselves on a reg basis, to see where they needed improvement. Not just during the 10 days.