Call for Vessel Art – Chattanooga

The Federation of Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee, accepts submissions until December 14th. This invitational group exhibit will focus on the concept of Vessels.

By Ann Treadwell, Program Director:

“The world is full of many kinds of vessels. There are ships, bowls/pots, blood vessels, buildings, books and much more. For example: the mind can be a vessel to hold information. The work does not need to be recent, but must be an original. I am looking for how you define vessel: personally, historically, etc.. All media will be considered.

The piece(s) you submit for consideration in the exhibit can hang on the wall, be pedestal-based or video. However, due to the nature of the gallery area we will need to know the installation requirements of each piece. If the size of the art work is over 48 inches in length or height, or weighs more than 100 lbs….please make sure we know. All 2-d work will be installed on a hanging system. No piece can be secured on the wall with nails or other devices. All selected work must be ready to install. If the work is a video we need to know how you expect it to be viewed, computer and monitor, or another device and whether or not you will be supplying the device. We have a limited number of pedestals.

Your work may be for sale or on loan. The Jewish Federation does not take commission on sales, but appreciates a
donation if there is a sale. The Federation does carry insurance on all work exhibited at the Center, while in the Center.
The purpose of our gallery is to create conversations in the community. The exhibit will be mounted at the Jewish Cultural Center, 5461 North Terrace Road, Chattanooga. We anticipate that 1.000 people will see the exhibit.

How do you participate? Please send me electronic images of up to 4 pieces and list your materials and the size of the piece(s) no later than Thursday, December 14, 2023 . Photos taken on your phone are acceptable but will not be used for media releases. All work must be original by the artist submitting the work, or on loan from a collector.

We will select the work for the exhibit by December 18, with notices going out as soon as possible. If your work is chosen for exhibit, we will need additional information in a WORD document (bio., a statement about the specific piece of art, inventory sheet) no later than December 28. Specifically, I will need a one paragraph bio., and one paragraph about the piece(s) or each piece you are exhibiting. How does this piece relate to the theme? An inventory list needs to have the sale price and if NFS clearly stating the insurance value, or if the piece is on loan and from who. Please be sure to include the name of a gallery if you have representation. The Federation pays for one-way return shipping for work over 100 miles away, with prior approval.

The exhibit will run January 8 – February 23, 2024, with a community reception and coffee house tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 13. All selected pieces must be at the Jewish Cultural Center by Tuesday, January 2 and be ready to install, and labeled with the artists name and title on the back of the piece.

Want to check us out? We are a 501 c-3 organization, with social services, and a preschool in additional to cultural activities. Information about our organization can be found at . All services of the Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga are available to everyone regardless of religious affiliation.

If you have any questions, please contact me 423 493-0270 ext. 13, or”