Illustrator / Graphic Designer Wanted


NYC-based artist is looking for an illustrator and graphic designer for an unusual family or adult-only Haggadah she wrote.

Deadline December 25, 2016.

The book will be approximately 28 pages. It will have words in English, transliterated, and in Hebrew, and pictures. She has sketched what each page will be, but does not have the technical skill to execute her ideas. She is open to input and changes in the illustrations she imagined, but the Haggadah’s style and tone is integral to its uniqueness, so her input and collaboration is essential. She can work on the words – the print style and font – but is having trouble with the layout on the page, along with pictures.

It is her intention to self-publish, so it needs to be print ready. She’d love to get this done quickly so she can market it this year.

She prefers work for hire, although she would look for guidance from you on the nature of the relationship, and the fees.  If it sells, she’d be happy to give royalties after she has made back her costs. She has a copyright on the current version of the Haggadah and will continue to hold the copyright.

Please email with your name, contact info and link to your website. All emails will be forwarded to the artist. She will contact you directly.