JADA Call for Art – Paris Art Week

Jada Art Fair is hosting an exhibition during Paris Art Week. The art submission is for digital work and it will be part of their NFT/ digital installation in the gallery. 

Jada’s co-founder is JAS member Jonatas Chimen, along with Dana Blickensdorfer.

Les Jardins du Meta-Royaume
Curated by Jonathan Schurdevin

October 19th – 23rd, 2022, Paris, France

DEADLINE for submissions: October 15

The Jada Paris Art Week Exhibition
35 Rue Condorcet, Paris, France

JADA is now accepting ART SUBMISSIONS in the following formats:
Video Performances, Time-Based Works, NFTs, and Digital Art

THEMES: “Ecology (The Paris Art Week 2022 Topic),” “New Nobles,” “As Above, So Below,” “Possibilities of the Metaverse,” “The Exilarch,” “The Reign of Nature,” “Positive Future Imaginaries,” “The Artist Governor,” “The Philosopher King,” “The Heavenly Kingdom on Earth,” “The Guardianship of Nature and Order,” “New Metamodern Structures,” “The Embrace of New Traditions,” “Rediscovering Art as Power,” “The Artistic Exceptionalism,” “The New Age of Discovery of the New Meta-Continents.”


–          Be featured onsite at the Jada Paris Art Week 2022 Exhibition, held at 35 Rue Condorcet, Paris – France, from October 19th – 23rd

–          Be featured in the main digital catalog of the Jada Paris Art Week 2022 Exhibition, with your profile picture, photos of your artwork, personal biography, and summary text about the artwork you are exhibiting

–          Be featured in the Jada social media promotion and exhibition marketing

–          Be pre-selected to participate in the Jada Art Fair at the 2022 Miami Art Week, both in presence and within the Jada Metaverse

–          Be eligible to receive a personal critique and analysis by the Jada Art Critique Team, of all artworks submitted for the Jada Paris Art Week 2022 Exhibition

–          Be eligible to receive artistic recognition as the recipient of the Gilbert Zitoun Jada Art Award for the Jada Paris Art Week 2022 Exhibition


–          Please fill out the application and release form below

–          Send a portrait headshot for the exhibition marketing and catalog

–          Send a 250-word personal biography with your name, education, medium of choice, and main location, to be used for the exhibition marketing and catalog

–          Send up to 3 high resolution (300 dpi) pictures of your work for the exhibition marketing and catalog

–          Send a 250-word text about the work you submitted, addressing its central message

–          Pay the submission fee of $50 at the bottom of the submission form (fee is refundable if not accepted)

–          The Jada Art Jury will send you an Acceptance Letter or address further concerns with you within 3-4 days of your submission, all artists will be announced by October 16, 2022

apply here- https://jadaart.org/paris-art-week-2022/#