NY area artists: paid interview for Museum of the Bible

museumofbible Time-sensitive! Matt McCroskey, a documentary filmmaker  in NYC, is working on a project that some of you might be interested in. Participants will be paid $200 for a studio interview in NYC.
“We are seeking stories of how lay people have been effected by the Bible or Torah in their work lives or their personal lives. The goal is to gather a diverse selection of people from a verity of denominations to tell their stories in a simple interview to be featured in a permanent exhibition in the forthcoming Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. The people funding this museum are conservative Christians, but they want a diverse range of perspectives on the Bible represented here.”
More about the project: 

“I am helping to cast a project for display at the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. We are looking for people in or near NYC who work in visually interesting jobs, (so probably not with numbers and computers) ideally with an iconic uniform or work outfit, with stories of how the Bible has impacted their work.
Examples of types we are seeking; a Methodist police officer, a Jewish dancer, a Lutheran doctor, a Mormon welder. In addition to work stories we are also accepting compelling personal stories if the Bible has directly effected someones personal life. The goal is the find people from a verity of denominations and walks of life to interview for permanent exhibition in the museum.

I am doing initial interviews to the end of January and possibly into the first week of February. If you are selected you will be paid $200 for 1 or 2 hours to come in for a studio interview on the same subject in the next couple of months.

Please contact me ASAP if you think you might be a good candidate”.

Thank you kindly,
Matt McCroskey // mattmccroskey@gmail.com

2 responses to “NY area artists: paid interview for Museum of the Bible”

  1. Wendy A. Rabinowitz Avatar

    Salon. I am a Judaic weaver/mixed-media artist whose work is based on Torah, Psalms and the Jewish Mystical tradition. Is your documentary open to artists outside the NYC area? L’Shalom, Wendy A. Rabinowitz Living Threads Judaica

  2. Wendy A. Rabinowitz Avatar

    I live in the Berkshires of Ma and create Judaic art based on Torah, Psalms and the Jewish mystical tradition. Is your documentary confined to NYC artists? http://Www.LivingThreadsJudaica1.com