Request for Images: Ahava / Love

Urgent deadline: Friday April 28, 11 am NY time.

A much respected American Jewish magazine (both print and online) is looking for art for its June 2017 issue.

If selected, the image will be credited with your name, title of work, brief bio, and a link to your website.

Theme: the Jewish sensibility of “ahava”/love.

The many facets of love, nothing kitchy, images which will accompany essays on the biblical understandings of love by Rabbi Joanna Samuels (love of God, love of another person and love of the stranger), an essay by Lee Moore on love and The Tanya — as guideposts on the spiritual path toward closeness with God, Rabbi Sharon Cohen-Anisfeld on ahavat Yisrael and a piece by Adam Weisberg on ahavat ha’am (loving the Jewish people).

No platitudes and corny visuals. 

Deadline: Friday April 28, 11 am NY time

SUBMISSION PROCESS to the Jewish Art Salon


Attach no more than 7 jpegs, 300 dpi each.

Each image no larger than 5 MB.

Save the jpegs with your first and last name, e.g. Jane_Schwartz_Title_of_Work.jpg

Subject line: Ahava

In the email body: you may provide a brief explanation of the work if you like. Do not attach an explanation; in email body only.