Cynthia Beth Rubin and Leah Caroline present in Virtual “Coffee Break & Culture”

The Hoos Family Art Gallery of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, CT, is featuring two Jewish Art Salon members during September in their online series “Coffee Break & Culture.” During these brief 30 minute sessions, artists present highlights of their practice in a condensed format, followed by open questions and discussion. 

Free Registration:

On Thursday, September 10, at 10 am, Cynthia Beth Rubin will share new works exploring experimental approaches to the integration of two very different bodies of work:  explorations of oceanic plankton as vital life forms, and her resolve to explore traditions of Jewish art over the centuries. In works created since lockdown, Rubin finds new ways to combine these seemingly divergent subjects. As a new media pioneer, she will also describe her early digital work from the 1980s, and her recent return to combining digital and analogue media.

On Thursday, September 24, at 10 am, Leah Caroline will give an overview of her work including her current in-progress work on a taxonomy of pregnancy and motherhood. Caroline considers her works to be nature journals: collections and records of plants, life, and her pregnant self. She makes cyanotype scrolls—an early photographic printing process used to record nature and make blueprints—as well as scanner photograms, and drawings, often including Hebrew texts, especially of Song of Songs, as well as her own writings.

Preregistration is required for these free sessions.

Click on website below to register, and to hear recordings of previous presenting artists.

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    Congrats Cynthia and Leah!!!