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Finding Home #46 Tikkun ha-Olam

by Siona Benjamin

11.5 by 9 inches

Archival ink on paper, hand embellished, signed and numbered

500 usd + shipping

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Artist’s Description:

Finding Home #46 “Tikkun ha-Olam”, which means ” the reconstruction of the world”, is inspired from a concept in Kaballah (Jewish mysticism). Here the world is compared to a pot or vessel, which contains all the virtues. However the cosmos was unable to contain this divine energy and the pot shattered, but the broken shards retained the divine light. It is humanities task to reconstruct this vessel, which is done through various ethical, spiritual, intellectual and aesthetic acts, which reestablish values in our world. By making images that contribute to this “Tikkun” I am thus participating in my own small way in this process of “Restoration.”