JADA Art Fair Highlights

Highlights video of  the successful Miami Art Week Exhibit.

The Jewish Art Salon was a co-sponsor of the JADA Art Fair, where 6 of our artists exhibited in December, 2019.

The exhibition, organized by Jonatas Chimen and Dana Blickensderfer, focused on Judaism and immigration, exile, the Sephardic experience, the Jewish Diaspora, the Spanish Inquisition, Redemption, and the return home. 

Participating Jewish Art Salon artists: Jonatas Chimen, Katarzyna Kozera, Yitzchok Moully, Joel Silverstein, Carve Stone, and Yona Verwer.

The event was written about in Haaretz.

More info on the exhibition and art summit here.

2 responses to “JADA Art Fair Highlights”

  1. betty k. schneck Avatar
    betty k. schneck

    I was very impressed by the sight of your showings. Why don’t you do something like this in New York.? where in New York will it be held?

    1. jewishartsalon Avatar

      Thank you Betty! We are actually doing the Miami Art Fair again this year. And we will collaborate with JADA on an exhibit in NYC, but not an art fair.
      These art fairs are extremely expensive to put on, plus we in NY do not have art fair organizing experience; the JADA group in Miami on the other hand had experience and funding.
      The Jewish Art Salon may at some point exhibit at an existing NY art fair, but renting a booth etc too costs loads, and lots of time, so most likely not this year.