Virtual Exhibition: Genesis – The Beginning of Creativity

Jewish Art Salon in partnership with CARAVAN presents

Genesis: The Beginning of Creativity, an Interfaith, Intercultural Virtual Exhibition in Conjunction with a Three Venue Event in New York City.

The Jewish Art Salon has created a radical cultural conversation, positively unique during the anxiety and dissonance of our current era. This exhibition of 130 artworks is a forceful aesthetic statement about unity, positivity, and hope, by creating a decisive new interreligious/intercultural/ visual art exhibition based on the Creation Narratives.  

An innovative course of meaningful communication has emerged between Jewish, Christian, Islamic and secular artists as they created works of art reflecting these seminal stories of religious world literature.  The exhibition is committed to an inclusive discussion examining the narratives and what they mean to the individual artists and their communities at large at this moment in world history. 

CHIEF CURATORS: Joel Silverstein, Richard McBee, and Goldie Gross. 


CURATORS: Claire Pearman, Abigail H. Myer, Susan Maishlish.

Info on the three venue exhibition here, May – July 2023, NYC here.


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Sumaira Aamer, Cathy Abbott, Lina Alattar, Alaiya Aguilar, Ahmad AlBahrani, Zavi Apfelbaum, Laura Mercedes Arndt, Yehudis Barmatz, Milan Ciric, Manal Deeb, Elizabeth Desherbinin, Pamela Martinez Diaz, Robert Eustace, Taiba Faraj, Harriet Finck, Bruria Finkel, Hal Goldberg, Lynn Goldstein, Herbert Grimm, Charlotte Hart, Vincent Hawley, Safina Jaffer, Karim Keizer, Karey Kessler, Cindy Kornet, Gordon Lamb, Elizabeth Langer, Inna Linov, Alexandra Mantzara, Rose Marja, Linda Mattar, Leigh Metter, Ruti Modlin, Cynthia Miller, Lisa Miriam, Mary Nash, Myriam O, Lashini Pouran, Rosita Piritore, Yoram Raanan, Ginny Runge, Charles Sherman, Catherine Silver, Judith Rosenthal Sirota, Miriam Stern, Heather Stoltz, Tarkanyi-Gottfried Szilard, Anatoli Tarasiuk, Kathy Thaden, Marian Villadsen, Samia Zoghlami.

The exhibition is divided into seven themes. These themes were carefully organized in response to the over 300 artworks submitted. Topics such as Celestial Light and Water and Energy into Form attracted mostly abstract artists, while Calligraphy as Expression drew artists deriving from western Abstract Expressionism, lettering traditions related to the Bible and the Qur’an, and Asian ink painting. Figurative artists were attracted to the themes of The Creation of Humanity and Powerful Women, with the former evoking Adam and Eve and the latter Eve and Lilith. The works drew on myriad traditions including Eastern and Western Old Master painting, modernist figurative art and abstraction, medieval illustrated Bibles, Qur’anic texts, popular arts, cartoons, and illustrations. The uses of style are reflective of both ancient and modern concerns. The curatorial staff strove to reflect and balance religious points of view. 

ABOUT The Jewish Art Salon

The Jewish Art Salon is the world’s largest Jewish visual art organization. Established in 2008 and based in New York City, this non-profit is a global network of Jewish contemporary artists, curators, art historians and art writers. Through its exhibitions, events and collaborations in the US, Europe and Israel, JAS provides important programs and resources and develops lasting partnerships with the international art community and the general public. 

The Jewish Art Salon has organized over 60 art exhibitions, workshops and interactive events exploring contemporary Jewish themes, related to current issues, and broader societal trends. In the New York area it hosts occasional salon sessions with international artists and scholars.

ABOUT CARAVAN “Transformation Through the Arts”

CARAVAN, an international arts NGO/non-profit, is recognized as a global leader in using the arts to further our global quest for a more harmonious future, both with each other and with the earth.  CARAVAN’s mission is based on the belief that the arts can be one of the most effective mediums to heal our world and to creatively foster peace, harmony, wholeness and health in all its forms.

CARAVAN enables transformation to take place by creating artistic “encounter points” around the world that bring together those of divergent backgrounds and worldviews to stimulate discussion, dialogue and education, promoting further understanding, with a vision toward healing our world and creatively fostering peace, harmony, wholeness and health in all its forms.  CARAVAN’s artistic initiatives are held in a wide variety of venues, with the goal of taking their transformational message beyond the traditional “art circles” and maximizing viewership and participation from the widest possible demographic.