Looking Among Us, Cross Cultural Connections

Two bodies of Jeane Vogel‘s mixed media work, Chava as Mother Goddess, and Women of the Book: Women’s Voices, will be exhibited as part of a seven-artist show celebrating cultural diversity at the Missouri Immigrant & Refuge Advocates (MIRA) in St. Louis.

Heneni webChava as Mother Goddess series reimagines Chava, or Eve, as a Mother Goddess common in many ancient cultures. Like Eve, Mother Goddesses are often associated with a tree of life, snakes, the moon and often water. These elements, rendered in fiber, beading and Indian shisha embroidery, are found in the work.

Women of the Book: Women’s Voices is cut paper, acrylic and ink on watercolor paper, reinterpreting Torah text in an alternate woman’s voice. The work, Heneni, for example, takes Avram’s simple reply to G-d, and attributes it to anonymous, faceless women, reaching to the heavens, calling out for recognition.

The exhibit is free and open through Nov 22.

JeaneVogel.Chava Mother Goddess web

Missouri Immigrant & Refuge Advocates (MIRA)

1223 Pine Street, St. Louis.