Tales of Light and Dark

judith_joseph_exhibit_vancouver_webExhibition of paintings and woodcut prints by Judith Joseph and Alina Smolyansky at the Zack Gallery, Vancouver JCC, 950 West 41st Ave. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Opening reception:  Thursday, April 16, 2015, 7:00- 900 p.m.

Show runs through Sunday, May 17, 2015 (for hours, see website).  Rabbi Dan Moskovitz from Temple Sholom will lead a discussion with the artists about Yetzer Hatov and Yetzer Hara: The Nature of Good And Evil In Jewish Mysticism.

Jewel-like colors, exquisite detail, mysterious narrative: these are some of the qualities shared by Vancouver artist Alina Smolyansky and Chicago artist Judith Joseph.
judith_joseph_glass_half_full_webJoseph’s work is permeated with Jewish lore. She uses the style of medieval icons and manuscripts to spin tales inspired by spiritual wonderment, personified by owls and peacocks in shimmering forests.

For Smolyansky, the Torah is a tale; our life is a tale, and each artwork has a tale, a story waiting to be revealed.  These stories weave together spiritual thoughts and inspirations, moments of uncertainty and doubts, and the unexplained joys and sorrows of every human heart.

judith_joseph_heart_of_hearts_webThese paintings raise questions about Jewish identity, spirituality and mysticism, as well as the nature of good and evil in our world.

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