Praise Emptiness by Judith Margolis

A new book that artist Judith Margolis has been working on for over three years is fresh off the press and was featured at the In Print Art Book Fair 23, January 11-13, in Jerusalem.

Praise Emptiness, Essays Verbal and Visual (Bright Idea Books),  produced under the meticulous care of Yair Medina/Jerusalem Fine Art Prints, Ltd., is written by Los Angeles based entrepreneur and philanthropist Philip Miller.

This compelling collection of essays, with an introduction by Tel Aviv U. Professor of Classics,  Jonathan Price, questions religious practice and cultural history, especially as it relates to post-Holocaust and 9/11 reality.

The drawings, paintings and collages  and hand drawn titles that accompany the essays, facilitate a dialogue with the text, rather than illustrating it. This juxtaposition is similar to the pairing of text  with Margolis’ art in Train Music Writing and Pictures, by CS Giscombe/ Omnidawn/Oakland, 2020.

A paperback trade edition will follow later this year.