Vashti and Esther flag by Studio Armadillo launched in the exhibit ‘Vashti – The Newly-Discovered Chapter’

studio armadillo vashti flag 03Neve Schechter – Legacy Heritage Center for Jewish Culture, located in a beautifully reserved historic house in the neighborhood of Neve – Zedek, Tel-Aviv – Yaffo, will feature ‘Vashti – The Newly-Discovered Chapter’, a group exhibition, curated by Shira Friedman. 

Showing this ”bold artistic interpretation of a feministic queen in a patriarchal world” is considered quite a pioneering act in the cultural atmosphere in Israel.

Among the artists exhibiting are Jewish Art Salon members Hadas Kruk and Anat Stein (Studio Armadillo)Ken Goldman, Siona Benjamin,  Jacqueline Nicholls, and Andi Arnovitz.

Studio Armadillo, a contemporary Judaica design studio, will launch its interpretation of the recently common ritual of waving a flag commemoration the queens’ role in the story of ‘Megillat Esther’.

The flag has holes for eyes, and function as a mysterious mask. It refers to the enigmatic sequence of events, and balance of power between men and women in the Megillah.

studio armadillo vashti flag 01

The flag has a symmetric outline, two figures are staring at each other. The two are similar in a way, but do not look the same, with a reference to the well-known Rorschach quiz of two profiles and a cup in the middle.

Waving the flag raises questions:  Who rules the story? Who is the good queen and who is the bad queen?

Friday | 20.2.2015 | 11:00

Neve Schechter invites you for lunch accompanied by Persian music and an artistic performance.

11:00 Opening of Vashti Exhibition. Curator: Shira Friedman

11:30 A festival of ancient persian music | BONDAR ensemble


Neve Schechter, 42 Chelouche St., Neve Zedek (Tel Aviv-Yafo)

Exhibit on view February 20 – March 4, 2015

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9-5.

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