Panel Discussion with Mark Podwal at the Czech Center, NYC


Panel discussion by Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat, Ambassador Tomáš Pojar and New York based artist Mark Podwal. Moderated by Deputy Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the UN Jiří Ellinger.

Podwal recently created All this has come upon us..., a portfolio of 42 archival pigment prints of acrylic, gouache and colored pencil works on paper exhibited at the Terezin Ghetto Museum in 2014.  The works provide an illustrated history of Jewish tragedies and, according to the artist, offer “a disturbing reminder of how Europe’s extensive history of ‘Jew-Hatred’ laid the groundwork for Terezin and Auschwitz.” A recent Jewish Week article offers more info.

Thursday February 5, 6:30PM

Czech Center

321 East 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021

Images courtesy Mark Podwal.


Storms in the South 1881-1884
Psalm 55:6 Fear and trembling grips me; horror overwhelms me
Pogrom is a Russian word meaning “to wreak havoc.” Russian pogroms against Jews were frequent and devastating. Jews referred to the violence in the south of Russia as the “storms in the negev,” negev being a biblical word for the south. Little or no effort was made to bring the attackers to justice.
York Tower 1189
Psalm 142:5 I look for someone to help me, I have no friend; nowhere can I flee, no one cares about me
The Third Crusade, led by Richard the Lion-Heart, stirred anti-Jewish riots across England. In York, Jews gathered for protection in Clifford’s Tower. Rather than be butchered by the mob outside, many Jews took their own lives. Those who surrendered were murdered. All records of debts owed to Jews were burned.