Art historian Matthew Baigell is collecting material from artists who explore Jewish themes for an article. Baigel is a prominent author on Jewish art as well as American art. His most recent publication: JEWISH IDENTITY IN AMERICAN ART: A GOLDEN AGE SINCE THE 1970’S features many JAS members. Baigell is also an Advisor to the Jewish Art Salon.

He is asking for any answers to the questions listed below that you might be willing to share with him.

His temporary email address specifically for this project is: The address will be closed down mid-July, 2020.

If interested, send him answers to the following questions:

   1. Your first and last name, plus your website URL, if you have it.

   2. What has prompted you to explore Jewish-themed subject matter and does that still hold in today’s climate?

   3. Do you have a special process by which you arrive at a finished work?

   4. Are you bothered by the relative neglect by mainstream museums, galleries, critics, and art historians?

   4. Do you have stories to tell in this regard? (If yes, please tell).