Tracy Ellyn Wins Award of Excellence | Manhattan Arts International

Artist Tracy Ellyn was juried into Manhattan Arts International’s “The Healing Power of Art,” and is a recipient of the Award of Excellence. The exhibition, curated by Renee Phillips from entries from around the world, features Tracy’s piece, “Evening MiSheberach” from her Refuah series. The 5 feet long mixed media piece with pen & ink on metal is made of multiple layers of 19th, 20th and 21st century techniques, which has become her signature.

Tracy Ellyn_Evening MiSheberach_Copyright 2016A tireless advocate for the arts in healing venues, Tracy, who is founder and director of The Zen Tov Project for Healing Through the Arts, submitted the following statement along with her art piece:

“Art is the Great Healer. It is often at the most unexpected times that we turn to art to soul-search, make a higher connection, relieve the burden of physical and emotional pain, and commune with God or something intangibly higher than ourselves. Art is a universal language. Whether from east or west, it signifies pure hope, and hope springs eternal.”   ~Tracy Ellyn

In the Fall, the artist plans to place pieces from her Refuah series in hospitals and chemo rooms in Miami, New York, Jerusalem, and as requested by individuals, hospitals and foundations.

The exhibit runs from July 20 – September 20, 2016, and images and other inspiring award winners can be found at

The artist can be contacted at her website at