Rachel Kanter

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Born in 1970, and based in Montclair, NJ, Rachel Kanter is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, School For American Crafts.

Kanter has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows in New York City, Philadelphia, San Fransisco and Hartford, CT.

Selected solo exhibitions:

“Reinventing Ritual”, 9/09, The Jewish Museum, New York, NY.

“The New Sacred – Ritual Textiles by Rachel Kanter”, 3/12, Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Philadelphia, PA.

“Rachel Kanter – Ritual Cloth”, 1/14, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT.

Selected group exhibitions:

“Artist’s Beit Midrash, 6/14, Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning, NY,

“A Stitch in Jewish Time: Provocative Textiles”, 9/10, Hebrew Union College, NY,

“Reading the Visual/Visualizing the Text” 3/13, Jewish Theological Seminary, NY

“Art We Use” 6/14, Dairy Barn, OH.


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