Times of Israel mentions Jewish Art Salon artists at the Jerusalem Biennale

A ‘watershed’ moment for artists at the Jerusalem Biennale, by Jessica Steinberg.

The Times of Israel published an article on the Jerusalem Biennale at the Museum of the Underground Prisoners, one of several Biennale venues, and one of two venues for the Jewish Art Salon. The other JAS venue is the Bezeq Building. 

Several Jewish Art Salon members were featured in the article or the photograph. 

… ” There is a room defined by two different biblical accounts involving water. Richard McBee’s canvas offers graphic interpretations of the Israelites at the parting of the Red Sea, looking in particular at the women and how they handled the moment of great drama.

Across the same gallery is Yona Verwer and Katarzyna Kozera’s take on the Book of Jonah, a pivotal moment for Verwer as an Orthodox Jew who converted from Catholicism and left her home in the Netherlands for New York” …

… “British Israeli artist Ruth Schreiber screened the actual declaration, a one-page typed letter, on a sheer gauze curtain that was then projected backwards on the floor, demonstrating the ambivalence of the text”….

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Left wall: Tobi Kahn. Ceiling installation: Aviva Shemer


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