Matthew Baigell on Robert Kirschbaum in Ars Judaica

Baigell_Kirschbaum“Robert Kirschbaum’s Art: Abstract, Intellectual, Spiritual” by Matthew Baigell can be found in the current (2015) issue of Ars Judaica, The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art.

One of his older paintings is on the cover.

“Among contemporary Jewish American artists who explore Judaic themes, subject matter varies widely. The range includes Carol Hamoy’s investigations of feminism, the exploration of narrative cycles by Archie Rand and Ruth Weisberg, the persistence of Richard McBee, who still searches for meaning in his 100-plus paintings of the Akedah, and David Wander’s representations of the Five Scrolls.

There are certainly other artists currently creating important and path-breaking work who will be mentioned when the histories of late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century Jewish-themed art in America are written. One of those sure to be included is Robert Kirschbaum (b. 1949), who for the last thirty years has focused his attention on the Temple and the Temple Mount, joining together his interest in biblical history, kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, and liturgy as well as his personal relationship to Israel (a topic that has yet to be explored in depth in Jewish American art).”

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