Ruth Weisberg’s New Publication

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts announces the new publication and extended dates for Ruth Weisberg’s exhibition now on view through September 30.

Reflections Through Time

Preview the Entire Publication Online Here

72 Pages + 70 Color Illustrations
Introduction by Jack Rutberg

Essays by John Seed & Annabel Osberg


“Reflections Through Time”, the art exhibit, reveals Weisberg’s decades-long interest in re-imagining the works of past masters such as Velazquez, Watteau, Blake, Titian, Veronese, Cagnacci, Corot, and Giacometti. In this exhibition, however, reflections of art history take on extraordinary, if not supernatural form in the painting titled, “Return” (2014) and its related drawings, as Weisberg recognized that the primary figure in a masterpiece painting in the Tel Aviv Museum, the self-portrait by Maurycy Gottlieb, entitled “Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur” (1878) is a virtual twin of Weisberg’s son, Alfred (better known as the celebrated contemporary musician, Daedelus).

 More about Weisberg’s exhibit here.
Book signing September 10


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4 responses to “Ruth Weisberg’s New Publication”

  1. ruthschreiber Avatar

    Ruth, this is a major achievement, congratulations!
    and Shana Tova,
    Ruth Schreiber

    1. Ruth Weisberg Avatar
      Ruth Weisberg

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. It means a lot to me. Wish I could come to the Biennale but with the Holidays and my teaching it proved impossible. Will miss seeing you and your work.

      1. ruthschreiber Avatar

        We’ll miss you there! should be very special.
        How is your publication on Biblical characters progressing?

  2. Ruth Weisberg Avatar
    Ruth Weisberg

    Very pleased you shared this with the Art Salon membership. Wish you could all come to Los Angeles and see this survey exhibition before it closes on September 30th. Warm regards, Ruth