Siona Benjamin at CSU Galleries

An exhibition featuring works by Indian-American Jewish artist Siona Benjamin are now on display at Cleveland State University.

“Beyond Borders: The Art of Siona Benjamin” is on view until March 25, 2023, and is curated by Professor Samantha Baskind.

The show features over 40 of Benjamin’s pieces that consider and challenge the perception of immigration, gender, race, religion, global politics and the concept of home, according to the show description.

The art styles most prevalent in the show pull from comic books, Pop art, Bollywood, Indian folk imagery, Persian miniatures and Hebrew illuminated manuscripts, and all relate to Benjamin’s intersection of identities.

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Cleveland State University highlights the defiantly feminist, identity-confounding, American-Jewish-Indian art of Siona Benjamin. – Review by Steven Litt.

Defiance is the first word that comes to mind in Cleveland State University’s exhibition, “Beyond Borders: The Art of Siona Benjamin.’’

A native of Mumbai who grew up in an observant Jewish family in a rich multi-cultural context, Benjamin has constantly faced questions about her identity after having immigrated to America in her mid-20s in 1986 to attend graduate school.

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