On Point – solo exhibit by Susan Schwalb

The Radius Fane Gallery in Boston will feature a solo exhibit by Susan Schwalb, opening January 5th, 2018.

This artist’s primary medium for over 40 years has been the Renaissance technique of silverpoint and metalpoint drawing. Juxtaposing a wide variety of metals—silver, gold, brass, copper, platinum, pewter, bronze, and aluminum—she obtains soft shifts of tone and color. Narrowly spaced grids serve as a spatial context for irregular events on the surface that create a shimmer of light. Depth seems to emerge from works that feature multiple square units arranged in layers.

Many of Schwalb’s works have musical titles, which evolved intuitively. In part this is because she lives with a composer, and loves music. In part it is because she is alert to the parallel between music and her work, both rooted in abstraction. With illusions of depth and the subtle play of points of brightness, her metalpoint drawings evoke an atmosphere of serenity, and testify to how straight lines can create movement and a visual sound.

Schwalb recently participated in the Jewish Art Salon’s exhibit “Jerusalem Between Heaven And Earth“, curated by Ori Soltes at the Jerusalem Biennale, with her artwork inspired by the Lamed Vavniks.

January 5- February 16, 2018

Reception: Friday, January 5 6-9pm


460C Harrison Avenue, Suite #C24, Boston MA