5.1.2Ceres Gallery New York presents OUT and OUT, a group exhibition that explores individual and communal identity transfigured within the framework of public and private spaces.

JANUARY 6 – JANUARY 31, 2015

Opening Reception:  Thursday, January 8, 2015    6 – 8 pm

Trix Rosen’s five evocative photographs examine individual identity and gender ambiguity pressing beyond the public and private parameters of self-liberation. In the portrait ‘CHANGED LANDSCAPES’, (image left) Rosen expands the convergence of unconfined boundaries querying “what should be made public and what should remain private”.

Fred_Koenig_09.07.12In her photograph,‘RAVAGED,’ (image left) Rosen explores the plausibility of male and female transposition within the home environment. Her work elegantly exposes her subject’s transformations into self-validating portraits of alternate selves. What haunts Rosen is “finding the essence of a visible and invisible timeline; finding the quintessential moment that can be revealed in the stillness of a portrait, or in the melding of male and female imagery.”   Pauline Chernichaw, Curator