Albert’s Dream – New Works By Michal Nachmany

Art exhibit at the 14th Street Y, NYC.

Opening Reception: Thursday December 10, 7– 9pm

NachmanyMichal Nachmany’s art is an echo of her childhood — a mixture of colors, sounds and scents from her weekly visits to the markets in the Old City of Jerusalem. Nachmany’s new exhibit, Albert’s Dream, explores the theme of journeys and the aspiration and longing of people in transition, or living somewhere far from where they are from.

These multimedia pieces construct personal and cultural narratives, visual diaries that are layered with the idiosyncratic nature of storytelling. Using American and Israeli memorabilia, legal contracts, letters, photo albums, matchboxes, postcards, and other found objects, they present textured impressions of memory, nostalgia, and history. By bringing together different elements, Nachmany’s work opens up dialogues between communities of objects, giving them new life and context.

Michal Nachmany is a New York City-based artist and teacher. She has a passion for community building and curating shows in nontraditional spaces and has exhibited her work at Silvana in Harlem and at the Hell’s Kitchen spice shop La Boite.

Dates: December 1st, 2015– January 15, 2016

Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 6am-10pm or by appointment; Saturday-Sunday 7am-9pm
VIP/Press Preview: by appointment

14th Street Y
344 East 14th Street (b/t 1st and 2nd Ave.), New York, NY 10003
Instagram: @mzmotek
Facebook: michalnachmanyart