Barry Goldstein’s “Slice of Life” exhibition at Montpelier Arts Center 

Barry Goldstein’s “Slice of Life” series is currently on display through March 20, 2022.

Ten 5-foot painted cardboard panels zoom in for intimate portrayals of people, setting and circumstance; juxtaposed moments in time. Each its own “slice of life” in Israel and the diaspora.

 Montpelier Arts Center, Montpelier, Virginia, USA.

“Barry Goldstein’s “Slice of Life” show at the Montpelier Arts Center is beautifully rendered and softly touching. He gently reaches in to the very essence of connection and humanity. From his soft painterly strokes depicting a religious father blessing his son to a homeless man asleep on the street surrounded by his sparse possessions, we feel the depth of soul in each stroke of the brush — the threads that bind us together as members of the human family.”  Linda Singer, Art Historian

Additional images can be seen at the artist’s website: