‘Body Text’: Feminist Art in Diverse Religio-Cultural Spheres in Israel

Virtual exhibition as part of the Tager International Conference on Feminism in the Abrahamic Religions, Jan. 31-Feb 2, 2021.

Curators: David Sperber and Nurit Jacobs-Yinon

VIEW EXHIBITION HERE: https://art2021.rackmancenter.com

Recording of the opening here.

The ‘Body Text’ exhibition seeks to highlight aspects common to feminist artists who create within different cultural and religious realms in Israel. Despite their cultural and religious diversity, they are at times perceived as much closer to each other than men and women sharing the same religion or culture. The exhibition presents the voices and faces of the participating artists in the ‘video text’ film clips through which we seek to reveal additional layers of interpretation, and to emphasize both the  similarity and difference between the artworks, the artists, and the diverse worlds in which they operate.   

Hanan Abu-Hussein, Fatma Abu-Roumi, Raida Adon, Andi Arnovitz, Itzik Badash, Nechama Golan, Doris Hakim, Shula Keshet, Yara Kassem Mahajena, Ruth Schreiber, Yael Serlin, Dafna Shalom, Amira Ziyan.

The curator and artists Andi Arnovitz and Ruth Schreiber are Jewish Art Salon members.