Congratulations Goldie Gross

Congratulations to our steering committee member Goldie Gross who graduated Baruch College in NYC with a Bachelors Degree in Art and Business.

The Baruch Committee on Undergraduate Honors awarded her the Kanner Prize  for an outstanding honors thesis on the Communist Yiddish periodical Der Hammer. She presented the thesis earlier this year at the Conference of the College Art Association.

Goldie will study towards a Masters Degree in art history at New York University this Fall.

Besides being a member of the Jewish art Salon’s steering committee, Goldie has curated and co-produced nine of the Salon’s exhibitions, such as Invisible Jew at Detour Gallery, and Spinoza: Marrano of Reason in Amsterdam, as well as the exhibition at the Jerusalem Biennale 2017.

She implemented a juried student membership at the Jewish Art Salon, several of whom are already actively participating in our programs.

Goldie is a member of the MET Collective, a cohort of approximately 20 students to develop and implement innovative programming for students at The Metropolitan Museum.

She published several articles for Baruch College: A look into Baruch’s art collection: Robert Longo and Cindy Sherman. Christo, Jeanne-Claude, and Jannis Kounellis. Illuminated Haggadahs, from the Middle Ages until Now. In Spite of You, We Live On: A Commemorative Painting.

Goldie has accomplished this with very impressive interpersonal and organizational skills. We wish her a very bright future, and very much look forward to working with her again soon.

CAA Conference 2020

3 responses to “Congratulations Goldie Gross”

  1. margolioth770 Avatar

    Goldie strikes one immediately as being brilliant. Engaging her in any conversation in art: The interface between art and culture, it’s origins, or it’s landmark masters, leaves one humbled. Yet she is so early in her developmental course, one can only anticipate stardom. And I mean by universal standards.

  2. doritjordan Avatar

    Congrats Goldie! 💐

  3. Joel Silverstein Avatar
    Joel Silverstein

    We are so proud of our Goldie, Never have i met such a young ,dynamic and knowledgeable person about Jewish art and a myriad of other subjects. She also posses a plethora of interpersonal skills as well. I look forward to her PhD Theses, first book and her career beyond!