Encountering Samaritans

YU project explores our distant, oft-estranged cousins.

Article by Larry Yudelson in the Jewish Standard.

The Jewish Art Salon is participating with 8 contemporary artworks inspired by the Samaritans. The first phase of the project is an event at the YU Museum in NYC, March 27th.

…. Dr. Fine’s interest in the Samaritans began during his junior year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1977, when he met a young Samaritan at a professor’s open house. As he went on to focus his career on cultural aspects of the talmudic period, he started to think that maybe the Samaritans weren’t getting their scholarly due. Scholars were explaining the Mishna and Talmud as relating to Christians when, he believed, Samaritans were more common and prevalent than Christians at that time.

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Samaritans build their sukkahs indoors. (Ori Orhof)