Four Cubits – Jerusalem Biennale Fifth Edition

Eighteen Jewish Art Salon members are participating in this year’s exhibition, organized by Ram Ozeri.

The Fifth Edition of The Jerusalem Biennale will take place November 11 – December 30, 2021 under the title of Four Cubits (ארבע אמות). 

In Jewish tradition, the term Four Cubits (ארבע אמות) is used to point out a person’s private space. A cubit, or Ama in Hebrew, is an ancient measurement of length of about 0.5 meters. Therefore, four cubits are about 2 meters- the 2 meter circle surrounding a person is his/her personal space. 

Under this title, JB2021’s program will consist of three major components: VenuesPHASEs, and Take Me Home. All three will have both an in-person and online presence.

Exhibition pages of Jewish Art Salon artists:

Andi Arnovitz and Mirta Kupferminc

Ken Goldman

Linda Lieff Altabeff

Yehudis Barmatz

Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen

Judith Yehudit Appleton

Ruth Kestenbaum Ben Dov

Esther Zibell

Ruth Schreiber

Cheselyn Amato


Yoram Raanan

Heddy Abramowitz

Beverley Jane Stewart

Selena Rojhani

Judith Margolis

Mel Brown

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Take Me Home

One of the core projects of the 2021 Jerusalem Biennale: artists have been invited to send works of art that, in their perception, people will want to take home with them. 400 artworks with the potential to enrich someone’s private space will be collected and installed at the Shaare Zedek venue- the new home of The Jerusalem Biennale. Visitors will be invited to tour in the building and enjoy the “regular” art experience, bearing in mind that at the end of their tour they will be able to choose an artwork to take home. 


Venues Functions as it has in previous years. The Jerusalem Biennale has venues around Jerusalem that will host group exhibitions and installations, connecting architecture, history and art. Selected Jerusalem venues will host curated exhibitions, among them HaMiffal, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Mishkenot, Tower of David Museum, Blackbox Gallery and the Gesher Guest House. Curation is being shaped in close connection with the hosting venues.


A new model for intimate gatherings around art, developed by The Jerusalem Biennale. Audiences are invited to visit artistic private spaces (“Dalet Amot”):
Private Homes Art Space Events (PHASEs). Each project will be documented throughout the process, resulting in short online videos to share the results with a broader audience. This project has the potential to inspire a variety of outcomes. We hope to encourage our audience to think about their own homes as places to respect art and share it with intimate groups of friends and strangers, perhaps even to start their own private art collections. With the right model of doing so, we believe this initiative has the potential to be scaled up and developed further in the future.

More info on the 2021 Jerusalem Biennale here.