Game of Life Video Art Screening

Aimee Rubensteen presents the Game of Life video art screening she curated for the Animal Crossing Artificial Intelligence workshop on Thursday, July 23, 2020.

GAME OF LIFE is examining digital identities, simulated environments, and how the Internet plays a role in our understanding of communication, belonging, and racial politics. We are looking at the complexity of our current simulated life online during quarantine, while referencing Conway’s Game of Life; visualizing the ripple effect of a zero-player game and observing its evolution. The screening is free and will stream on YouTube. Sign up here to attend. 

In addition to the video art screening during the workshop, Rubensteen also curated interactive art installation islands within Animal Crossing New Horizons video game. Viewers can sign up and explore installation islands hosted by Molly Soda, Rosana Cabán, Nicole Kouts, and Harold Schellinx.

Sign up here for the screening and ACNH art installation islands.

The ACAI workshop, founded by Dr. Josh Eisenberg, is an experiment to see what it feels like to experience an academic workshop located in Animal Crossing New Horizons video game. ACAI workshop is free to attend, while building a space for Artificial Intelligence researchers to have meaningful interactions, share their work, and stay connected during quarantine. Since all (academic) conferences are now remote, this workshop will be hosted in the virtual space of Animal Crossing, and streamed on YouTube. 

In order to replicate the social interactions of a workshop IRL, there will be coffee breaks during the workshop. This will provide a virtual space for participants and presenters to meet other researchers. The video art screenings will stream during the coffee breaks on YouTube.

The talks will be presented in a workshop area on an Animal Crossing Island. Currently, the workshop has over 300 registered attendees, as well as 17 researchers presenting their work on July 23, 2020. 

Here’s a VentureBeat article about the workshop: AI Weekly: Animal Crossing, ICLR, and the future of research conferences online.