Israel Tsvaygenbaum

The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery will host a group exhibition featuring works by artist Israel Tsvaygenbaum from November 12-December 8, 2015.

Opening Reception Thursday November 19, 2015, 6:00-8:00 pm.

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, 511 West 25th Street-Chelsea, New York, NY, 10001.

Israel Tsvaygenbaum will exhibit 4 paintings:

Wrapped in Love“. Tsvaygenbaum always believed that human beings are not single creatures in this universe who have feelings of love and devotion to each other. In this painting the artist depicted a wedding between two trees that were wrapped together in a bridal veil surrounded by nature’s beauty. This painting represents a union that does not need words to express the feeling of love.”

tsvaygenbaum_israel_2_angel_of_roses_oil_on_canvas_h48_x_w36“The Angel of Roses”. Tsvaygenbaum thinks that during development of a new life inside a mother’s womb, an angel watches over the child in the garden of roses. To him an internal life of women is composed of a colorful paradise; a beautiful garden of roses with butterflies. In a dream, the artist found these spectra of colors with the angel who cherished the child inside the rose.

Prayers at the Tree of Life” was created in honor of Holocaust survivors and people’s prayers at the Tree of Life. Tsvaygenbaum thinks that at some point in our lives our prayers turn to a Tree of Life where each branch represents the prayers of a generation. He also thinks we all have our Tree of Life that hears our prayers.”

Woman with Shawl” is dedicated to the women of the Caucasus that Tsvaygenbaum grew up with in Russia. His grandmother, mother and many women in Caucasus wore traditional shawls. They were very colorful with various  patterns.