Mark Podwal & Elie Wiesel’s The Tale of a Niggun

Mechael Pomeranz, owner of Jerusalem’s Pomeranz Bookseller, came across a virtually unknown narrative poem called “The Tale of a Niggun,” written by Elie Wiesel. In cooperation with Schocken Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House, Pomeranz worked to get this poem published as a separate volume in Israel. The book has an introduction by Wiesel’s son Elisha and full color illustrations by acclaimed artist Mark Podwal. 

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In addition Mark Pod­w­al dis­cuss­es his career, cre­ative process, and work for Elie Wiesel’s poem The Tale of a Nig­gun with Ada Brunstein in a Jewish Book Council interview.

“In a ghet­to, on the evening before Purim, in a non­de­script place (“some­where in the East,” we’re told, because this night­mare could have occurred in any num­ber of places), a rab­bi faces a har­row­ing choice. The “ene­my,” also unnamed, but with lit­tle doubt of its iden­ti­ty, will hang ten Jews on Purim to avenge the death of Haman’s sons. Which ten is up to the rab­bi and, if he doesn’t choose, the whole com­mu­ni­ty dies.

Through­out the night the rab­bi search­es for guid­ance. He turns to his book­shelf and “from book to book, from cen­tu­ry to cen­tu­ry, from guide to guide,” he con­sults the spir­its of the rab­bis who came before him.”

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The book is available online, and at Pomeranz Bookseller, 5 Be’eri St., Jerusalem. 

Pomeranz delivers all over Israel. Call 02-623-5559 for details.

Victims by Mark Podwal