Urim & Tumim 5

by Katarzyna Kozera & Yona Verwer

20 by 16 inches

Limited edition of 50

Signed and numbered

200 usd + shipping

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Artist’s Description:

The Urim and Tumim were part of a biblical tool of prophecy known as “The Breastplate of Judgment.” Upon meditation, individual letters would light up to display prophetic messages. Consulting the Urim and Tumim was permitted for determining territorial boundaries.

About the series:

The original breastplate was mounted with twelve precious stones, upon which were engraved the names of the Twelve Tribes. According to the Zohar, the foundational work in the literature of Jewish mystical thought known as Kabbalah, the Urim and Tumim were the forty-two and seventy-two letter secret names of G‑d placed in the folds of the breastplate. In biblical times during war and national crisis, this breastplate was worn and consulted by the Jewish High Priest. Upon meditation, individual letters would sparkle or bulge out up to display prophetic messages. Text messages from above! In our days of current conflicts we are looking for a direct connection with a higher source of guidance. 

More info on the artist’s Urim & Tumim series: http://yonaverwer.com/ Yona_Verwer/Urim_%26_Tumim. html