VIDEO: Jews Outside the Margins

Artists Ezra Rose and Amy Rubin present their artwork with the theme Jews Outside The Margins. This is an exploration of how people in the literal and figurative far reaches of Judaism make sense of themselves and find ways to connect to their Jewishness.

Ally Pockrass moderated this session which was curated by Yona Verwer for the Jewish Art Salon, and is co-sponsored by JADA Art.

Though Amy & Ezra are members of a majority of white & Ashkenazi North American Jews, their work investigates being othered along the lines of queerness, rurality, and non-traditional relationships to Jewish practice.

Ezra is an illustrator and zinester exploring themes of monsters, magic, memory & personal symbolism through a queer/trans Jewish lens. Their current project, Anshei HaDimdumim (People of the Twilight) is a multidisciplinary work exploring the relationship of many LGBTQ+ Jews to the study and/or practice of Jewish magic & mysticism, and includes interviews with and portraits of members of this community.

Amy works with textiles and installation to explore themes of identity, lineage, and the intimacy of personal household objects and spaces. Her upcoming work includes a stitched collaboration with Sadiqa de Meijer, a poet of Muslim and Christian heritage, and a series of rug hookings based on the experiences of Jewish individuals living in rural Nova Scotia.

This session was recorded in June 2020.