VIDEO: Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen & Hillel Smith

ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA – Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen


Jerusalem-based artist LENORE MIZRACHI-COHEN is a conceptual artist from NYC, who recently relocated to Israel.

In Art in the Time of Corona she gives a taste of what the artistic landscape in Jerusalem was like before and during the lockdown period, and discuss her recent work created during crisis. Followed by a discussion about concepts represented in her work.

Much of HILLEL SMITH‘s work involves blending ancestral Jewish text and ritual with contemporary and otherwise non-traditional media, for example, street art murals with biblical texts and a digitally animated Omer counter.

In Rethinking Judaica with New Media Hillel presents a few projects of his, as well as other historical and modern examples, to attempt to reframe what Judaica can be. Hillel is based in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

The session was organized by the Jewish Art Salon and co-sponsored by Art Kibbutz and Jada Art.

Moderator: Yona Verwer

Video edited by Jonah Rubin-Flett.