Call for Images by JAS Members

In order to give our members more exposure throughout the year we plan to feature more members’ work on our website and social media.

We will select these from two sources:

A. The categories that you filled out in the Category form we emailed you a while back.

B. Other themes, not mentioned specifically in the Category form, hence this call for images.


Each week before Shabbat we plan to feature an image with a brief description. Before each holiday we plan to feature a slide show of a few related artworks, depending on how many images we receive for that particular theme. 

We will also do posts about lifecycle events, mitzvot, and other themes not mentioned on our Category form. We imagine that particularly the mitzvah images will open up possibilities for many of you, since there are so many ways these can be interpreted.  

Seeking the following art images:

  • Jewish holidays, including non-religious Jewish observances such as Israel Independence Day, etc.
  • Shabbat
  • Parsha- related art. 
  • Ritual objects
  • Lifecycle (birth, bnei mitzvah, wedding, death, etc.)
  • Major secular holidays, for example Thanksgiving, Mothers / Fathers Day, etc.
  • Mitzvot (here is a list of all 613:
  • Another theme of your choice, one that is not mentioned on our Category page.


1) Put the theme in the subject line, for example: SHABBAT, or Lifecycle – Bnai Mitzvah.

Be specific when sending the following themes: 
  • Holiday art example: “Holiday – Purim”, or “Holiday – Sukkot” or “Holiday – Holocaust Memorial Day”.
  • Parsha art example: “Parsha Yitro” or “Parsha Bo”
  • Mitzvah example: “Mitzvah 53 To love the stranger”, or “Mitzvah 27 Not to stand by idly when a human life is in danger”.
  • Lifecycle for example: “Lifecycle – wedding” or “Lifecycle Birth”
  • Another theme: (Create your own theme as long as it is not mentioned on our Category page)

• We need you to label these themes correctly in the subject line, so when we filter emails looking for images all the appropriate emails come up. 

Multiple images? Send one email per image. Multiple images require multiple emails. Make sure you put the right info in the subject line or we will not be able to post it.

2) In the body of the email (NOT in an attachment) write the image info:

  • Title of work, your first and last name, medium, year
  • If you like, add a brief description or statement in the 3rd person. 

If you are not a native english speaker we will be glad to edit your description.

3) Email to

This address is for images only. All other emails go to

Due to time constraints we will not be able to post images that are not following the above guidelines.

We will not consider themes listed on our Category page, besides the ones listed above. If you have not yet filled out the category form, please scroll below for instructions.


If you are a member and have not yet filled out the category form, you still have a chance to do it here, and be listed on our website’s upcoming category page:

Fellow Members here.

Associate Members here.

All members, if you have not done so already, please fill out your Location here.

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  1. Hi there, just to ask is there any deadline for submitting my images? Ashley from London, England.Thanks.


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