Haber, Beth


Top: The Ship  Categories:Mixed Media , Nature, Book Art 

1. River Bed  categories: Mixed Media , Water,

2. The  Decanter  Categories: Mixed Media , Collage, Book Art, 

4. Beach Reads  Categories: Mixed Media  Ecology , Book Art.

5. Scuola Canton (Women’s Gallery Venice) Categories: Mixed Media, Assemblage, Nature, Feminism

6. Matronneo  Categories: Installation, Feminism, Mixed Media ( Ritual? )

7. Evranot Time Squares  Categories:  Collage, Mixed Media

8. Mnemegogues (Primo) Categories Collage

9. Imahot (USA) Categories:  Collage, Ritual

10. Mezuzah Trio Categories: Mixed Media,  Ritual

Beth Haber is an artist, writer and designer living in the Hudson Valley in New York State.  Her visual practice involves aspects of the loss/gain continuum of experience and archive as it plays out in a flat screen universe, as well as creating   environmental landscape installations.  

Various iterations of her work are in museum, university, and private collections both in the US and internationally. She is the author of the book “Drawing on the Bible- Biblical Women in Art” Biblio Press 1996 and numerous essays on art, including Miriam’s Cups- A Place at the Table, Living Text Journal of Contemporary Midrash,

She has been on staff at Dia Art Foundation since 2009.