Man, Carol

Decidedly Jewish, Carol Man began her journey from a totally alien background.  Born in colonial Hong Kong into a traditional Chinese family dating back to the Song Dynasty (creators of the world’s first bank notes,) she began a Jewish journey through the 90’s, that while strange and unfamiliar to family and local community, allowed her a cross pollination of both experience and history.  This sensitized “vantage point” has blended her primal DNA, with her Master of Visual Arts (2015) obtained in Hong Kong, to create a gestalt of installations, paintings and calligraphy.

Carol Man lives and works in Hong Kong, and is establishing her second residence and studio in New York. Her inspirations and works are documented in traditional and digital media. Whether in Hong Kong or Vienna, Shanghai or Mexico, New York or Jerusalem, both audience and collectors delightfully inform her with ever more meaningful spiritual textures to explore and pursue. 

Her work, Asian inspired Hebrew text, reciprocates the blossoming of the Jewish experience and cultural expansion.  It creates a dialogue to strengthen Jewish identity and its ethnic, racial and cultural diversity experience. This dynamic art form is created by rendering Hebrew text in the style of traditional Chinese calligraphy and typography. Individual Hebrew alphabets are arranged within imaginary square blocks, just as how Chinese characters are written, the Asian elements give a refreshing look to Hebrew text and yet embracing the traditional Jewish language, philosophy and wisdom.