Shtetl is seeking art and writing


Shtetl is a non-profit media outlet covering the ultra-Orthodox communities in New York City and surrounding areas.

In addition to written content, Shtetl is looking to convey information and commentary in a variety of audio and visual formats to our audience.

” As we start to publish to the Haredi community, the broader Jewish community and New Yorkers in general, we are looking for artists, cartoonists, and designers. We want to publish inventive, smart ideas that can shine a light on current events, historical echoes or the enduring truths of Shtetl life.

Shtetl will pay $300-$500 for cartoons or other visuals that meet our standards and our needs.

Ask us if you have a larger project in mind.

Please send your ideas to


Shtetl will pay freelancers an enhanced fee for stories that are relevant to the Shtetl.

Our usual rate is $550-$750, depending on length, depth, interviews, and access.

But for the first 3 mos, starting now, you can get up to $1,000!