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Shender, Susan

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Born in Chicago and based in St. Louis, Susan Shender is a graduate of Washington University School of Architecture. Susan started Sukkah Soul in 2004.

Selected group exhibitions include

‘Silent Witnesses: Migration Stories through Synagogues Transformed, Rebuilt, or Abandoned,’ 2012, The Holocaust Memorial Center, Detroit

‘Sanctuaries in Time,’ 2011, Kraft Center for Jewish Life, New York City

‘The Dura Europos Project: An Ancient Site Revisited Through 21st Century Eyes,’ 2010, Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art

‘Seduced by the Sacred: Forging a Jewish Art,’ 2010, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Harford, CT

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  1. […] Susan Shender, founder of Sukkah Soul, and long-time member of the Jewish Art Salon, creates evocative jewelry pieces that call upon ancient processes and texts. Her works, primarily made of bronze, are imbued with layers of thought, symbolism, and meaning. Her unisex pendants are inspired by the ancient Hebrew alphabet, Kabbalistic concepts, and based on Jewish art motifs and sources. […]