2023 Call for Artist in Residence at Havurah Summer Institute

The Timbrel Artist in Residence Program seeks artists with talent and passion to share at the 2023 Havurah Summer Institute. Artists from all creative disciplines are welcome. Past artists have represented the disciplines of music, theater, storytelling, puppetry, poetry, visual arts, and dance, among others. Artists in Residence receive admission to the Institute for themselves and their families, an honorarium of $1,500, and a budget for materials and travel (up to a combined maximum of $800-$1500, depending on circumstances/art form).

This year’s Summer Institute is planned for August 4-8 at Pearlstone Retreat Center in Maryland. Our theme for this year is ve-asafta וְאָסַפְתָּ “and you shall gather” which can refer to both gathering the community and to gathering in your “new grain, wine and oil” from Parshat Eikev (Deut 11:14). After a few years of being mostly apart, we want to think about all the ways in which we can “gather in”.

The Artist in Residence will teach one course, composed of four 90-minutes classes. He/she/they will also lead a program for the community and participate in the youth programming.

Jews of Color are especially encouraged to apply. The National Havurah Committee is continuing our ongoing effort towards increasing diversity and equity in our community. This includes community education addressing the reality of the community’s history as one predominantly comprising white Jews, proactively inviting Jews of Color into the community — particularly into prominent roles like the Artist in Residence, as well as establishing systems of support for Jews of Color who attend.

Please direct any questions to air@havurah.org.

See a list of past Artists in Residence here and apply here.