Call for Art: Creativity in an Uncertain Time

Jewish Art Salon artist members are invited to submit work for consideration as featured artists.

Deadline Sept. 13th, 2020.

This time of social isolation has led to unforeseen insights. What was familiar to us, what we knew and planned to do, has changed. It is time to gather new thoughts; a renewal. In our lead-up to the High Holidays (Yamim Noraim) do you see elements of renewal or introspection in your art?

Provide a short text and up to 3 works.

Submission link here

Only submissions by current J.A.S. members will be considered.

The first session, Creativity in an Uncertain Time, will air live on Zoom on Tuesday, October 13 at 11am EDT (8am PDT, 1900 Israel time). Other themed sessions will follow; they will be recorded and posted on youtube at a later date.

The sessions are curated by Judith Joseph and Dorit Jordan Dotan. Team members: Yona Verwer, Program Advisor, Chana Wiesenthal Elias and Cheselyn Amato.

Graphic design by Dorit Jordan Dotan; image La Corona by Judith Joseph.

5 responses to “Call for Art: Creativity in an Uncertain Time”

  1. Susan Turner Avatar

    Questions. 1. am in Canada, and you have no space to enter a province. Only US states are there to be selected. Should I select any state? Does it matter? 2. I don’t have a website. What do you mean by ‘portfolio’? I have an Instagram account but never use it. How do I fill out that box, which seems to be required.

    1. jewishartsalon Avatar

      Susan, no need to fill out state. Regarding website: I strongly recommend you post images on Instagram. Most curators want to see artists’ works in a larger context. Also, seeing other series of your work gives them ideas for inclusion in future exhibits. I imagine that with portfolio they mean a collection of your images.

      1. Susan B Turner Avatar

        It seems that one cannot post images to Instagram from a desktop, which is where all my images are.

  2. ORLY AVIV Avatar

    Do you accept also video art?
    2 video art I have done during the first month of Corona Isolation
    See You See Them

    1. jewishartsalon Avatar

      It is for our members only.