Jewish Art Residency + Exhibit at Miami Art Basel Week

The Jewish Art Salon is proudly participating in Miami’s Art Week’s Art Fair & Artist-in-Residence Program. Organized by a new creative group, JADA, founded by our member Jonatas Chimen and Dana Blickensderfer, this is a great opportunity to expose your work to a wider audience.

The program includes an art residency and exhibition, December 1-8, 2019.

When applying, mention you are applying through JAS! Jewish Art Salon members receive a 25% discount. ($750 fee instead of $999).

Part 1: 4 days of daily topic discussions, studio practice, art critique, visit to local art venues, and networking with curators, academics, gallerists, and local artists. 

Part 2: 4 days of JADA Miami Art Week Exhibit, which includes installation, art openings, VIP dinners, art parties, a gala, an interview as a guest artist for the Wandering Masters Art Salon podcast, and an artist profile in a professional digital catalog of the exhibition (with artist photo, biography, and list of exhibited artworks)

Art in the 21st Century has largely shunned narrative-based artwork, claiming it as passé and obsolete. While “art for art’s sake” is a valid argument, narrative-based art for the sake of remembrance and teaching, and for reflection and inspiration, should also be celebrated. Thus, JADA boldly recognizes the invaluable role of Jewish folklore, history, allegory, and even of religion in the process of making and experiencing art. 

During Miami Art Week 2019, JADA invites artists to engage in thought-provoking discussions, the making of art, and to produce immersive art exhibits aimed at reclaiming narratives central to the human experience.

The Focus for 2019 is Judaism and immigration, exile, the Sephardic experience, the Jewish Diaspora, the Spanish Inquisition, Redemption, and the return home.

Medium: Approaches may vary widely in depth, focus, and scope, ranging from 2D, small 3D pieces, Performance, and Film.

This exhibit is sponsored by FeSeLa (1), the Sephardic Congregation of Florida, The Tribe, and the Jewish Art Salon. 

Info and application form here:

(and mention you are applying through JAS / Jewish Art Salon)

Open enrollment: deadline Nov. 25th or until spaces are filled.