The JAS at the Kenissa conference

The Jewish Art Salon will participate, and Richard McBee and Joel Silverstein will present at Kenissa’s National Cross-Training that will take place December 8-10, 2019 at the Pearlstone Jewish Retreat Center in Reisterstown, MD. 

The conference is a gathering of individuals who are creating new communities of meaning around the country.

At the upcoming Cross-Training there will be four tracks: Jewish Arts and Culture, Boomer Engagement; Jewish Learning as a Spiritual Practice; and New Spiritual Communities.

The Jewish Arts and Culture track will focus on the following issues: 

  • Impact of global trends on Jewish art-making today
  • New directions in the Jewish arts today, and how they reflect a Jewish community in flux
  • Has the case for funding the arts shifted?
  • Why the proliferation of regional Jewish art scenes matters in a national conversation
  • Cultivating a cross-generational conversation among artists and audiences, and why this is important
  • Creating a sustainable life for the artists in our communities

Kenissa: Communities of Meaning Network is a project of Hazon and its co-sponsoring organizations are the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, JOIN for Justice, Hadar and Upstart. Kenissa’s mission is to identify, convene and build capacity among the growing pool of emerging Jewish communities of meaning in North America. Every March approximately 50 organizational leaders from discrete sectors of Jewish life are invited to Kenissa’s National Consultation. Every December, Kenissa’s National Cross-Training becomes a platform for nascent national networks of like-minded individuals who are seeking to sharpen their skills, share their successes and challenges and expand their network of colleagues from whom they can learn and build relationships. A fuller description of Kenissa can be found here.