Joel Silverstein

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Joel Silverstein was born in Brooklyn NY in 1957 and attended Pratt Institute BFA in Painting,1979, MPS in Art Therapy 1981 and Brooklyn College MFA in Painting 1992.

He has had solo exhibitions at the Columbia/Barnard Kraft Center 2012, and Pratt Institute Rohr Center Hadas Gallery in 2013.

He is a Founding Member, and curator for the Jewish Art Salon originating these exhibitions: Tzelem at Stanton Street Synagogue; Seduced by the Sacred at the Hartford JCC and the Charter Oak Foundation, The Dura Europos Project at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art and UJA NY, a CAJM Conference Choice; and  JOMIX; Jewish Comics – Art & Derivation at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art and at the UJA NY.

His work has been published in Ori Soltes’ Tradition and Transformation: Three Millennia of Jewish Art and Architecture.


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  4. […] is also the closing party for “Convivio,” an art exhibition, curated by Joel Silverstein, Goldie Gross, Ray Felix and Julian Voloj, celebrating the contributions of Latinx/Jews to American […]


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