Joel Silverstein

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Joel Silverstein was born in Brooklyn NY in 1957 and attended Pratt Institute BFA in Painting,1979, MPS in Art Therapy 1981 and Brooklyn College MFA in Painting 1992.

He has shown nationally and internationally at the Van Leer Institute, The Mishkan Le’Omanut Museum, The Bronfman Center, the Derfner Museum of Judaica, the Amstelkerk Gallery in Holland and the Jerusalem Biennial, 2015 and 17.

The artist/ critic is a Founding and Executive Member of the Jewish Art Salon and has curated eight Salon exhibitions including: Through Compassionate Eyes; Artists Call for Animal Rights at the Charter Oak Center, Hartford Ct., POW!!! for Jewish Comic Con, The Dura Europos Project, both at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art and UJA NY. Recent exhibitions include The Beth Shalom Judaica Museum, Roslyn NY, The Clemente Center, BEKI, New Haven CT, the Pratt Hadas Gallery Rohr Center, The Columbia/ Barnard Kraft Center.

His work and curated exhibitions are cited in Ori Z. Soltes’ Tradition and Transformation; Three Millennium of Jewish Art & Architecture and the upcoming Jewish Identity in American Art, a Golden Age Since the 1970s by Matthew Baigell.


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